Business Overview
Antibody Development Support
Through our partnering with alliance company which has solid performance, we provide initial stage development support services such as antibody creation, function assessment, and antibody engineering.
Cell line Development
Our alliances with partnering companies allow us to provide highly efficient expression systems.

■ An expression system for mammalian cells for screening at the drug discovery stage

■ Adaptation to serum-free medium

■ Construction of Cell lines for stable production

■ Preparation of cell bank

  • We prepare a cell bank for research by studying medium composition suitable for Cell line and by assessing stability.
    We undertake the preparation of master cell banksand working cell banks.
Culture process development
We optimize cultivation conditions through exploration of medium composition suitable for each Cell lines and studies of cultivation conditions.

■ Study of cultivation conditions

■ Optimization of basal medium composition

■ Study of feeding strategies

■ Evaluation of scale-up parameters

■ Establishment of design space

Purification Process Development
We aim at high purity and recovery to optimize purification processes and provide low cost purification processes based on the demand of customers.

■ Study of purification methods including selection of column carriers

■ Study for Scale-up

■ Establishment of design space

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