Contract Analysis Services
Antibody Analysis

We provide contract services for various established analytical methods related to quality assessment and characteristic analysis of antibody pharmaceuticals.

■ Peptide analysis

・Amino acid composition analysis
・N-terminal and C-terminal amino acid sequence analysis
・Peptide mapping and total amino acid sequence analysis
・Sulfhydryl group and disulfide bond
・Molecular weight determination (SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry)
・Measurement of CD spectrum

■ Glycan analysis

・Monosaccharide composition analysis
・Carbohydrate chain structural analysis
・Carbohydrate chain mapping
・Carbohydrate chain binding site analysis

*Some items may be carried out by our partnering companies.

Impurity Test
Impurity tests are required for assessing the quality of antibody pharmaceutical products.
MGC Pharma provides contract services for analyzing the following host-derived impurities and process-related impurity.

■ Residual Protein A (ELISA)

■ Host cell protein (ELISA)

■ Host cell DNA (real-time PCR)

■ Endotoxin (chromogenic method, turbidimetric method, gel-clot method)

■ Aggregate analysis (SEC-HPLC)

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